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It is important to remember your computer is a system with all the components working together as a team. Your system is only as strong as it's weakest link, the worst-performing member of the team.

To understand the benefits of upgrading take a look at some of the key players.

CPU (Central Processing Unit, Processor)
The brains of it all. Simply put the CPU is the component that executes instructions. A powerful component indeed, but not the most important in terms of overall performance. The CPU relies heavily on these other components for support.

One of the most common upgrades and greatest boost to performance. The cpu uses memory to hold instructions and data needed to complete tasks. If the data is not accessible in memory it must search external sources (hard drive, cd) to find the data, place it into memory then continue possessing.

Hard drive
This is where all your data is stored for future use.
Of course the more programs you install and the more files you store the more room you will need. Rotation speed is how fast the drive can access data and also plays an important role in performance.

The CD ROM drive has virtually taken place of the floppy drive.
And with the DVD drive's ability to play both cds and movies many have found this to be a suitable replacement as well.

CD or DVD Burner
Once an expensive luxury now an affordable solution. With the ability to make your own discs you can back up your important data, create back up copies of your computer cds, music cds and movies.


We can advise you on your options. Present your possibilities and explain your limitations to help you achieve the best result.

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